Dear all,
Although we are a small organisation, we have some running costs (ex. website) which are covered  by the contribution of the members.
The annual membership is 100.000 KRW per family and 300.000 KRW for a corporate membership. The term runs from January to December. As we are only havinga few big events a year, and the Belgian community is leaving upon ending its duties in Korea around the summer time, the committee decided the the membership fees will be running from 1st September up to 31st August of the following year. There will be no change in the membership fee.
If you wish to adhere please transfer the subscription fee to
following account number :
A/C    620 220823 163 in the KEB-Hana Bank.
If you wish to take the samll advantage of the BBQ price, please transfer your contribution before 20th September 2016 on above indicated bank account number which is the A/C number of the BKBF treasurer.
Thanks in advance,
Beste regards,