About Us

Dear BKBF Members, dear All,

Being a Belgian citizen abroad can sometimes be challenging and it is always good to be able to count on the support of a friendly community!

This is the reason of BKBF’s existence: create a network of Belgian friends, enjoy a good talk around Belgian beer or a Belgian mussels dinner cooked with care by the Belgian Chef, Patrick Van Asselborn, and share experiences!

However social gathering is not BKBF’s sole role: BKBF is also, as its name demonstrates, a network of business people. Belgians are brave, they travel and work around the globe and have a strong experience that they can share. BKBF is resolutely opened to the EU community; we believe that participating in the European Chamber of Commerce’s (ECCK) events strengthens the links among expatriates and gives a better visibility to our community, its skills and its global expertise.

BKBF also collaborates closely with the Belgian economic attachés at the Belgian Embassy and we will keep you informed of any interesting visit from abroad or events that you could find useful.

And last but not least, for those who are living in Korea for a short or medium term, you may wish to learn about this beautiful and intriguing country. Aren’t we all marveled at the extraordinary dynamism Koreans demonstrated since the 1950s to join the club of the so-called developed countries? What a lesson we can learn during our stay in Korea! Therefore, we are looking into ways to open BKBF to the Korean community. We have the great privilege to count Belgian-Koreans among our members and Belgian citizens who have been living in Korea for several years if not decades. They should have a special place among our community and have the opportunity to share their experience of Korea with us!

We have the chance to be a small group and thus we are able to be quite flexible. Therefore we invite you to share your suggestions, your wishes and we will try, as much as possible, to accommodate your ideas, as you are the first “B” in the acronym BKBF… We are looking forward to hearing from you!

Françoise Lewalle